About Us

Time of Crisis

In 2017, we face an era of unprecedented political instability, deep ideological divisions and unethical behavior in our nation's government. The time to act is NOW.

Purple Government

We believe politicians need to both represent their parties and be bi-partisan. Above all, they must behave ethically, elevating country above party at all times. By raising funds to unseat unethical politicians, we hope to be a force that encourages ethical behavior in politicians.


In 2017, GOP house and senate members vote almost entirely along party lines, throwing ethics to the wind, because they rely so heavily on party funds for their re-election campaigns. In addition, grassroots constituents are divided: no Republican receives progressive donations, and no Democrat receives conservative donations. This must change.

Our Solution

We are assembling a bi-partisan panel with deep expertise in politics. We monitor politicians' actions and their votes in congress, not their promises. When we see egregious unethical behavior, we raise funds and engage in creative campaigns to unseat politicians by supporting the best primary or general election candidates against them.